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Wristband Angel was set up to fulfill a growing demand for bespoke and customised wristbands in a range of materials using cutting edge technology. We wanted to build something that we felt was lacking in the market; a platform to design your own bespoke wristband in a range of materials but also incorporating secure, efficient and cost saving facilities such as Barcodes and QR codes. We wanted to allow the user the ability to design and incorporate these in demand features having recognised this was not available on the market.

Our unique Wristband Designer allows you to design your wristband using your own text and logo or image. Furthermore, and if required, it allows you to use your own serial numbering and associated Barcoding along with a QR code. Both these features enable the wristband to perform certain tasks that will ensure efficiency, security and ultimately save you money! For example, by using a Barcoded wristband you can now use a barcode scanner in your environment to control specific things; whether it be access to areas, lockers or even cashless payments! Using a QR code will also bring continual advertising and exposure of your event or business, allowing you to add your website that people can scan and connect to. Our aim was to put all this power at your finger tips and if you take a look at our Wristband Designer we believe we have achieved it!

In conjunction with our desire to provide the cutting edge tools and our understanding of what was lacking in the market we also recognised that there was also an equal need for professionalism and exceptional customer service. We have a passionate belief that professionalism and exceptional customer service are key to the success of any business in any industry. Unfortunately both are lacking in today’s cost and profit obsessed world. We want to be different. First and foremost we are passionate about delivering our product but you will find that we are equally passionate about providing the exceptional customer service that we feel you deserve. Whether you buy 100 wristbands from us or 1,000,000 the service you receive will not differ. We will act with professionalism and always with your best interests at heart.

As part of our commitment to providing exceptional customer service we have sought and secured materials from UK distributers. We believe that this affords us the opportunity to do 2 things; firstly, to build strong relationships with our chosen distributers with an aim to constantly develop products and services in a fast developing market place. Secondly, we recognize that sometimes things do go wrong so our belief is that by working with UK distributers our chances of resolving issues within demanding timescales is greatly improved.

Wristband Angel, as the name suggests, was designed from a customers’ point of view. We wanted to provide you with the tools to make a wristband work the way you want it to work for you and although we have no desire to be the biggest provider of bespoke and customised wristbands we have every desire to be the best!

So start making your wristband now!