Custom Wristbands for Beer Festivals

We all love Beer Festivals! Time with our friends, sunshine (sometimes!) and beer; what could be better? Now, we are not going to pretend that adding a wristband is going to add much to the taste of a good beer but it will provide your festival with a more secure and efficient venue! In addition, they are both simple to use and cheap to buy.

Both our Tyvek Wristband and our Vinyl Wristband products are tear, tamper and waterproof and therefore, once applied, cannot be spoilt or transferred to another party. We provide both of our wristband products in a range of vibrant colours so they provide a very visual way of identifying who should and more importantly who should not be at your festival.

Custom Wristbands for Beer FestivalsWe can provide wristbands with stubs so if you hand out free beer vouchers you can use the stubs in the same way and instead of little bits of paper flying around, everything is contained on one wristband. So simple that even after a couple of beers your customers won’t lose them!

As the wristbands are fastened securely to your customers they are free to come and go as they please without the need for issuing further tickets or stamping hands. This is especially useful if your beer festival is over a weekend or a number of days. As our Wristbands are available in a number of different colours you can colour code days or blocks of time to ensure the right people are at your festival at the right time.

We can print on both our Tyvek Wristbands and our Vinyl Wristbands so you can advertise your beer festival and provide your customers with a memorable reminder, long after the hang over has worn off! Use our Wristband Designer to design your own wristbands with your text and logo/image. Our Wrsitband Designer even has the Camra logo for you to use! You can design your wristbands using our Designer to include serial numbers, barcodes and QR codes.

Serial numbers will allow you to keep track of how many tickets you’ve sold and control how many are at the festival, especially useful where insurance is an issue. A barcode can be added to the wristbands and used by barcode scanners in a number of different ways; used to replace beer vouchers, cashless payments, access to lockers etc.

Putting a QR code onto your wristbands will allow you to promote your festival and stay connected to your customer. By scanning the QR code via a mobile device you can take your customer directly to your website. This allows your customer to stay up to date with future events or announcements you want to make.

We know providing good beer at your beer festival is the most important thing. However, providing a safe and hassle free environment for your customers is also key to ensuring that everyone has a good time. In turn this will promote your festival and ensure your future growth and success. Order your wristbands now.