A fresh idea for wristbands and a fantastic way to protect your luggage; use a wristband as a luggage tag! We can supply you with Tyvek or Vinyl wristbands, both are tear, tamper and waterproof, so ideal to attach to your luggage for your journey or holiday. Much the same as they cannot be removed from wrists they will not detach from your suit cases – whatever the Baggage Handlers throw at them! We have 13 vibrant colours for you to choose from so they will make your luggage more noticeable when it is on the conveyor belt.

Using our online Wristband Designer you can add whatever information you would like to print onto your luggage tag.  For obvious reasons we don’t recommend printing your home address on to your luggage tag for an outbound journey but you can quite simply have them printed with your contact number or whatever information you think would be relevant for your trip.  This may also include your airline, destination, or flight number.  You can use our Wristband Designer yourself and design your luggage tags as you would like them and choose from our wide selection of bright colours or keep them simple in plain white.  You can make them fun by adding images from our library, choosing your own font or you even upload your own images.  The Wristband Designer is simple and easy to use and makes the process a doddle! 

Another option, to save you having any personal information listed clearly on your luggage, is designing them with a QR code. Our Wristband Designer incorporates a QR code generator so you can simply type in what you would like within the QR code e.g. name, mobile number, destination, hotel name and address, next of kin and so on! There’s literally no limit on the amount of information you can have included within the QR code printed onto your luggage tag.  You may like to have additional bands for your return journey, which include your home address, flight numbers or any information relating to your return journey.

Luggage tags work extremely well if you are travelling in large groups or within a party, as the bright coloured bands stand out clearly and can make it far easier for your luggage to be identified within groups as well as individuals. In groups, QR codes can be very advantageous as there is no limit on the amount of information you can include. A whole travel itinerary stating exactly when and where all your different destinations will be can be included within the QR code which is priceless if your baggage is going to be managed by someone else. It’s also useful to remind yourself!

QR codes are easily read and easy to use.  If you have access to a smartphone then you can download a FREE App, which enables you to scan the codes and obtain the information.

Our wristbands are so reasonably priced (as little as £0.02 each!) and so easy to design yourself. They are a great way to personalise and secure your luggage, leaving you free to relax and enjoy your journey or holiday!

If you place your order before 4pm we can print and dispatch the same day.  First Class delivery within the UK is FREE!  We can also ship to Europe or the Rest of the World. Prices for this can be found on our Wristband Designer.