St Johns School, Marlborough, Wiltshire is an International Academy Secondary School and they have just taken delivery of our customised Vinyl wristbands in a selection of different bright and vibrant colours for their annual ski trip to Alpe d’huez, France.

This is the first year that they have decided to use wristbands and, for a very reasonable cost, they have 10 different sets of bands in 10 different colours, all printed with the St Johns School logo, two emergency contact numbers, one being a mobile and one being the resort number and the resort name.

With over 200 students attending a ski trip, wristbands make it a far easier way to differentiate between groups and provide great peace of mind that each student has their own band clearly stating which school they are from and, very importantly, a contact number should it ever be needed.  St Johns School chose to have vinyl wristbands as these are ideal for 1-2 weeks and are tamper, tear and waterproof. 

A key benefit of both our Vinyl and Tyvek paper wristbands is that they are impossible to lose or transfer without it being tamper evident. Managing a group of 200 students can often be a challenge and relying on each one to remember their important group information or to hold onto a piece of paper for the duration of the trip can be tricky, so if the vital information that they need is detailed on a secure wristband there is no fear that anything will be mislaid.

The wristbands can, of course, have whatever information you would like printed on them including barcodes and QR codes. This is especially useful as student specific information can be contained within the wristband such as specific medical needs or allergy information – vitally important in the event of an emergency. 

Parents spend a lot of time and effort labelling personal items such as coats, gloves, hats etc., but their most prized possession, their children, can also be clearly labelled for just a few pence each!

There are many other advantages of having each student wear a wristband.  As an example, they can help with the organisation of groups in relation to travel, events, mealtimes or dormitory allocation.  Wristbands will help the organisers and teachers on many aspects of the trip even with the traveling itself. St John’s School used different colour wristbands for members within travel groups and also applied the corresponding colour wristband to the group members luggage. This helped enormously with the logistics of making sure all luggage was reunited with the rightful owner upon reaching the destination.

Our wristbands are not only available to the UK.  We offer European delivery (3-5 days), express European delivery (1-3 days) and Rest of the World delivery for an additional cost. However, if you are in the UK then first class postage is FREE!

There are so many school trips and events where wristbands can be invaluable; daytrips, field trips, sports days and, as was the case with St Johns School, ski trips.  Costing from £0.02 each, they are an ideal and economical way to organise students and events.  We supply 2 types of wristbands; Tyvek paper wristbands that can be worn up to 1-2 days and Vinyl wristbands which last weeks. Both are lightweight, tear, tamper and waterproof. 

Students enjoy wearing wristbands as they are associated with festivals and are often worn as fashion accessories themselves so by using our wristbands everyone is happy, safe and organised! Use our Wristband Designer to custom build your wristbands, choosing the type of wristband that suits you, the colour, add text, upload images or logos and then choose the quantity you need. Simple!