Create Your Own Custom Event Wristbands Now

Custom Event WristbandsCreate Your Own Event Wristbands Now!

Design your personalised and security wristbands online in 3 easy steps!

Design Your Printed Wristband   

  • Wristbands that stand out at any event
  • Tear, tamper and waterproof - TOTALLY SECURE
  • CUSTOMISABLE wristbands printed how you want them
  • Add your own LOGO/TEXT design for the ultimate impact
  • Impromptu event? Order today for NEXT DAY DELIVERY (if ordered before 2pm)

Design Your Custom Wristband

Our event wristbands are designed with your festival, concert or party in mind. We understand how important it is to have good crowd management at these events and to ensure that those people entering and leaving the event can do so without concern or inconvenience. Our wristbands come in either Vinyl or Tyvek material and are totally safe and secure for any type of event.

You are able to choose the colour and wristband size that you need for your event from our wide range – giving you the flexibility you need to create a bespoke look and feel. Each band can be printed with any details you wish to add including sponsor logos and contact details. The printing process ensures that these details remain on your bands for the duration of your particular event, and being completely waterproof, whatever the weather!

Our wristbands cannot be removed without showing signs of tampering (scissors required!) you will be able to rest easy knowing that those people inside your event are supposed to be there and can easily be identified as such. The bands are comfortable, will not stretch or fall off and will not in any way harm the wearer.