Personalised wristbands for any trip – keep everyone together and safe


Any teacher or parent will be familiar with the hoops that must be jumped through in order to take school children or even university students on any kind of trip. However, arranging the correct paperwork is probably the easy bit compared to keeping track of all those people when you are out and about. Wristband Angel's wristbands are designed to remove some of that stress – while providing an easy and safe way to keep everyone safe and sound and accounted for. 

Why use wristbands for your trip? 

As a person or group in charge of many children or young adults, it is really helpful to know that if they leave the main group, the information they need to find you again is printed right on their wrist. It gives everyone peace of mind from the outset. 

Why a wristband is ideal for your trip 

  • Our wristbands come in two main materials – Vinyl and Tyvek paper.
  • Both are hard-wearing, Tyvek will stay looking good for 1-2 days and the vinyl, a week or more.
  • All you need to do is choose the material that suits your needs best.
  • Our wristbands are completely waterproof. You can keep track of everyone at swimming pools or when skiing without fear of the bands becoming wet and falling off.
  • The wristbands are very durable and tear-proof. Attendees/students won't be able to remove them until you choose to cut them off with scissors.
  • The information printed on the wristband will stay put – just like the band itself.
  • The bands are very easy to wear and not at all uncomfortable. This is the case even when they are worn for extended periods.

Customise your wristbands = CREATE YOURS NOW 

  • Any colour you want
    • Choose easily identifiable colours that match your school, college or university colours or even bright options so you can spot members of your group from a distance.
  • Choose a range of different colours
    • Use different colours to keep everyone in smaller sub-groups.
  • Add logos or any images you want
    • Print your wristbands with your school, college or university logo or any other image you prefer.
  • Add an emergency contact number and name or the address of where the group is staying.
    • You could even add a local emergency phrase in the local dialect. 

Wristbands will make your trip an even more relaxing and fun event for everyone involved – but especially for those organising. The simple act of asking them to wear a wristband will allow them to feel a sense of security that will ensure they make the most of the event.

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