Custom Printed Luggage Tags

We’ve all been at the conveyor belts at airports waiting for our suitcases and wondering if the black case that’s just come onto the belt is yours. Attaching one of our brightly coloured Tyvek Wristbands or Vinyl Wristbands to your suitcases and using it as a luggage tag will allow you to easily identify your items and also ensure no one picks them up by mistake!

Custom Printed Luggagte Tags

You can even use our Luggage Tag Designer to print your own details onto your luggage tags such as your name and contact details e.g. mobile phone number. We advise against printing your address details on your luggage tags as this could lead to security issues; thieves will know (1) you’re away and (2) where you live! Printing your contact details on your luggage tags will, however, enable, anyone who finds your luggage to contact you and arrange safe delivery or collection.

Where multiple people are travelling with matching cases, printing individual names and contact details onto each luggage tag will enable you to easily identify whose luggage is whose (please contact us for more information on this) or simply order different colour luggage tags for each party member here.  

Both our Tyvek luggage tags and Vinyl luggage tags are tamper, tear and waterproof so they will stay intact for your entire journey. Indeed given their extremely low cost and many benefits it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t use them all the time when travelling. Order today for your next holiday and you will see how simple things can make a big difference!