Wristbands for parental notices – make sure the message arrives at home


As a teacher or carer, you may have long relied on sending notices home with children and hoping that they reach parents…. As you may have experienced in the past, this does not always happen. 

For young children that can be hard to remember. If a parent needs to be informed of any important information, a simple non-removable wristband with a clear message may be the answer to all of your concerns. 

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Potential Uses for parental notice wristbands 

Young children should always have their parents informed if they suffer a head injury at school – no matter how minor. Parents need to know to look out for signs of concussion. Your wristband can include details of the contact at the school or event, what to look out for and who to call in an emergency. 

Older children who need to return important parental consent forms can be reminded via the use of a bright band with a suitable phrase such as “don't forget the parent consent form”. 

In our experience, it has significantly improved communications between students, parents and teachers. 

Why wristband communications work 

  • The child will not be able to remove the band as it made from tear-proof and tamper-proof materials.
  • Our wristbands are waterproof and will even stay intact at after school swimming lessons or in the rain.
  • Parents really cannot miss it if a wristband is worn. The school or carer can use highly visible colours to make it even more obvious.
  • Wristbands can be printed in the school colours with logos and messages that relate to your school needs.
  • Our wristbands can be written on to personalise the band for special parent messages.
  • These are ideal for very young children of primary or nursery age – but even older kids and young adults may require the odd reminder about important parent communications. 

For peace of mind as a care or teacher – a personalised wristband is the ideal solution. Start today and click to design your own customised parental notice wristband.

Parental Notice communication methods that often fail to work

Teachers try all kinds of things to encourage kids to tell their parents about bumped heads or school notices. Some of the following are often used: 

  • Stickers placed on clothing – these may fall off and be lost
  • Stamps on hands – these can rub off easily
  • Notices placed inside bags – only works if the child remembers it is there or the parent checks the bag.
  • Messages written inside communication books – parents need to remember to read these every day and often this simply doesn't happen.