Custom Printed Puppy Whelping Collars

A fantastic, economical and hygienic solution to the age old issue of remembering which puppy is which! 

Stocked in various pack sizes and colours, including mixed colours, the collars are made from Tyvek paper, which is exceptionally strong and durable as well as being waterproof. In fact the only way of removing the band is to cut it off! In addition to puppy whelping collarsthese collars being practically indestructible they are also exceptionally light and comfortable, providing a foolproof ID solution and comfortable experience for your new litter. So if you are breeding in order to sell your litter, your customers will know for sure that the puppy they have chosen is the one they will collect (no more ambiguity!) and they will also be assured that their new pets' comfort is also being catered for. All in all a more professional approach. Of course, if your aim is to keep one or all of your new litter then you will also want to make sure that you know who is who and that they are comfortable.

Our Tyvek Collars can be written on so you can write pertinent information about the puppy on the collar as a permanent reminder. For example you can record the date of birth, sex, new owner details and vaccination details directly onto the collar.

The collars are simple to use and will fit virtually any puppy size; simply place around the puppies neck, remove the adhesive seal and affix to the other end of the collar. Simple! It probably goes without saying but please remember that puppies grow(!) so you will need to check daily to ensure the collar is still comfortable. If the collar becomes too tight simply cut to remove and reapply a new collar. For this purpose and given how cheap and economical this solution is we would recommend ordering 2-3 mixed packs for your litter. If you are ordering 2-3 mixed packs in one order we will ensure the colours in each pack are the same. Order your Puppy Whelping Collar pack now!

If you are a breeder and/or just looking for a more bespoke and professional look then we can supply custom printed collars. Contact us to find out more.