Custom Printed Wristbands for Schools & Universities

Group Trips Notices Sports Days Special Events Awards & Ceremonies
Group Trip Notices Special Events Sport Day Awards & Ceremonies


The use of both our Tyvek Wristbands and Vinyl Wristbands in schools and Universities is extensive. From junior school outings to University graduation parties our Wristbands have proved to be an economic and reliable solution where security, identification, advertising and glamour (more graduation party than junior school trip!) is required. You can use our Wristband Designer to design a personalised wristband with your text, logo or image for any purpose! From wristbands for allergies to good behaviour wristbands, our Wristband Designer will allow you to create your solution in 3 easy steps!

All Schools and Universities have visitors attending. What easier and economic way to identify visitors could there be than attaching a visitor wristband? Our Tyvek Wristbands are a perfect solution as they can be customised with the schools’ logo or image and additional text and details. A link to the school website can even be achieved by adding a QR code which can easily be scanned by a QR reader on a mobile device providing the user with easy access to school information and a more professional and forward thinking approach. In this instance our Wristbands are sure to leave the user with the feeling that not only does your school or university take security seriously but you also want to engage with them and is sure to leave an excellent and lasting impression.

All Schools and Universities also hold events; be it ski trips, summer fetes or university parties! Our Wristbands can play an economic but valuable role in virtually all school and university events. They provide, not only, the security schools and universities require but also advertise and promote the event and/or School or University. For school ski trips for example, we recommend our Vinyl Wristbands, as they will easily stay good for 1-2 weeks. They can be customised with the school logo or image and emergency contact information should anything go wrong. We can also add important information about individual students such as their name, allergies and even their blood group. Parents are very demanding when it comes to their most valuable and precious possessions (yes we do mean their children!) and are sure to appreciate and welcome this added layer of protection.

Luggage can be a logistical issue on trips so to help we can also provide customised luggage tags. Printed with the students details, school details and/or anything else you would like, we can help. We have a range of colours so if you break the whole trip up into groups with specific teachers heading up these groups then we can colour co-ordinate Luggage Tags and student Wristbands to make things easier for everyone!

Our wristbands can also be used for School Sports Days. Providing different colour wristbands you can easily and economically differentiate school houses or groups. Our Tyvek Wristbands stay good for 1-2 days and are tear, tamper and waterproof so would be ideal for sports days, whatever the weather!

Using our Tyvek Wristbands school lunches can become easier and even cashless! If a student is having a school lunch why not provide them with a wristband so that your catering staff know who has paid and who has not? Much easier than a register! Parents can then prepay for the week and you can provide them with wristbands for that period. Simple! We can also apply Barcodes and QR codes to both our Tyvek Wristbands and Vinyl Wristbands so if you want to go cashless students can add funds to their own unique identity and caterers can simply scan their wristband to pay for items in the restaurant. With a wristband and simple technology anything is possible!

Use our Wristband Designer and design your own bespoke and customised wristbands now!