Custom Printed Wristbands for Skate parks, BMX parks and Scooter parks

As a supplier of our Wristbands to numerous Skate, BMX and Scooter parks we feel we understand what parks require from a wristband.

The parks we supply use our Wristbands in numerous ways but mainly to provide a very visual security measure; ensuring no one enters the park without permission and payment and also those there should still be there.

Some parks allow entry for a certain period of time i.e. 2-3 hour slots. Using different colour wristbands allows the park to control who should and more importantly who should not be there in a very visual and efficient way. For example using a green wristband for the hours 1pm-4pm enables the park to easily ask those wearing a green wristband to vacate the park at 4pm. The park can then issue a different colour wristband for the next period and so on. If your park offers the user a day pass then that can also be accommodated using different colour wristbands i.e. Monday – Green, Tuesday – Red etc (you get the picture!).Custom Wristbands for Skate Parks

Our Tyvek Wristbands can also be written on so if you just want 1 colour wristband you can just write on the wristband to allow you to capture whatever information you want e.g. time and date of entry.

Using our Wristband Designer allows you to customise our Wristbands with your text and logo/image. This provides you with a unique wristband and provides the user with a lasting reminder of your park. Wristbands have become a fashion item for the younger generation so they are likely to keep the band after leaving your park providing you with free advertising!

If you own or run a Skate, BMX or Scooter park you are likely to hold competitions from time to time. This promotes your park and creates more awareness. We have provided customised wristbands for these events which have proved to be very popular. Using different coloured wristbands for different age groups or categories also helps with the logistics and makes for a much more enjoyable experience for both you and the participants. It also promotes the event and makes participants far more likely to come back the next time the event is held.

In addition our Wristband Designer allows you to add a QR code which when scanned using a mobile phone takes the user directly to your website. Not only does this provide you with ongoing and free advertising but also allows the user to connect with you. This is particularly useful if you have a shop within your park which you market online. We’ve found that skate, BMX and scooter park users often see items in the park shop that they would like to buy but tend not to take payment with them and/or need their parents ‘help’ to buy it! Simply scanning the QR code takes them directly to your website allowing them to see and buy the item online or buy it the next time they are in your park.

You can even add a serial number and barcodes to our Wristbands using our Wristband Designer. This provides the user with a unique ID number allowing them access to lockers by pressing their wristband against a barcode scanning locker or even cashless payments! By adding cash to a wristband it protects the user and if there is cash remaining on the wristband at the end of their session this can either be refunded or credited to your customer via your management system. If funds are retained on your system for your customer they are more likely to come back.

As you can see a wristband can be more than just a security measure, although parents love this feature alone, and can make your park look more professional and stand out from the crowd. If we’ve learnt one thing from working with parks it’s that doing simple things well ultimately leads to greater footfall and sales.