Wristbands for celebrations – add some ‘method to the madness’


Organisers of school, college and university celebration events such as parties, freshers events and proms often have difficulty in knowing how to ensure that only those who are supposed to be there are actually at the event. Of course tickets can be issued, but what if people come and go or want to leave the event and return? A wristband that is easily identifiable can be the organisers’ best friend and will prevent awkward confrontations and issues at the door.

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 Wristbands –solving your organisation issues

Colourful and attractive: Wristbands can be purchased in all kinds of colours.  Depending on which colour scheme you choose, they can be easily identified from afar. Wristbands can also help you organise crowds of people into different segments i.e. VIPs from ordinary ticket holders.

You may wish to have several colours available so attendees can choose one to match their outfit. Different colours can be used for different events – especially useful for freshers’ week, for instance, when many events take place. 

Printed with information: Got information you want your attendees to remember from the outset? Wristbands can be printed with school/university logos and with information about the event – ensuring it cannot be transferred and used again for other events. Emergency contacts can also be added. 

Great security: Our wristbands are tear proof and cannot be removed easily by stretching or tearing. They are developed using very durable vinyl or Tyvek paper and can only be removed with scissors.

Waterproof: Whether you’re running a festival in a field or a formal event, you can rest assured that whatever the British weather throws at you, your wristbands will remain intact.

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Price Guarantee: We guarantee to beat any of our competitors on price and value for any like-for-like quote.

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