Custom Printed Wristbands for Swimming pools, Leisure Centres and Water Parks

As our Tyvek Wristbands and Vinyl Wristbands are tear, tamper and waterproof they are ideal for swimming pools, leisure centres and water parks. Water vapour is allowed to pass through our Tyvek Wristbands, keeping the user comfortable, but not water droplets. In addition our Tyvek Wristbands stay good for 1-2 days so they are perfect for most applications within swimming pools, leisure centres and water parks. Costing just a few pence each they are also incredibly economic and allow you to easily identify who should and should not be in your venue at any specific time. We stock millions of wristbands in a range of vibrant colours so you can easily colour code days or blocks of time to ensure efficiency within your business.

Custom Wristbands for Swimming Pools and Lleisure CentersOur Vinyl Wristbands stay good for 1-2 weeks so these are perfect when users are going to stay for longer periods. For example; holiday parks containing water attractions. These wristbands are incredibly strong and durable and most importantly, comfortable to wear. In fact you won’t know you’ve got one on!

Both our Tyvek Wristbands and Vinyl Wristbands can be printed on and using our Wristband Designer you can create your own uniquely customised wristbands within seconds! Our Wristband Designer is the most powerful designer on the market today allowing to print your own text, upload your logo or image, add serial numbering, barcoding and even QR codes. All this power at your fingertips!

Introducing serial numbering and barcoding to your wristbands opens an exciting range of security and efficiency applications. You can use barcoded wristbands to open lockers, introduce cashless payments and restrict access to certain areas. More secure and more efficient.

Adding QR codes to your wristbands creates an opportunity to advertise your venue both to the user and others. Scanning a QR code with a mobile device will instantaneously take the person scanning the code to whatever you want them to see e.g. your website. This is especially useful if you have an online booking system or shop as it allows the user to connect to you even after they have left your venue. Constant advertising for just a few pence!

We can also provide you with your own printer to enable you to print your Vinyl Wristbands on demand! You can print your own text, logo, serial numbering, barcodes and QR codes. This will allow you to print dates and times and put you in control. Please contact us for more information.

As you can see, whatever your specific needs, we believe we have the solution. From a simple colour wristband through to your own bespoke printing system, Wristband Angel will help you become more secure, more efficient and ultimately save you money! Start designing now.