About QR Codes for Printed Wristbands

Quick Response Codes or QR Codes as they are better known are a device readable optical label. Most mobile phones these days have access to free QR reader apps (click here for free QR readers) which enable users to scan the code and find out exactly and instantaneously what the label wants you to see; be it information about the item the QR code is attached to or a website.

Previously the domain of the automotive industry for tracking parts in car manufacturing, QR codes are becoming more and more widespread as different industries become increasingly aware of what they can do. They have greater storage capacity than barcodes so more information can be communicated to the user. For example, some Banks now use QR codes to capture information about individual bank accounts and Barclaycard even allows you to pay your credit card bill, all via a QR code!

Wristband Angel - QR Coded Custom WristbandsThe QR code is essentially a series of square black dots arranged in a square generally on a white background (see picture) but can be effectively used on other colour backgrounds. Generally the lighter the background colour the more effective the QR reader will be in deciphering the code. However, once the QR reader deciphers the code the response is immediate. This provides industries with a very effective way of promoting themselves and is certainly quicker than just providing a URL address (e.g. www.wristbandangel.co.uk).

We can print QR codes onto both our Tyvek Wristbands and our Vinyl Wristbands. You can use our Wristband Designer to design your own wristband and create a QR code that works for you. Some of our customers have used the QR codes to put information on wristbands about their children so that should they become separated, the child’s wristband can be scanned by a mobile device and the parents contact information will be shown. Invaluable. You can even capture information about the wearers’ dietary requirements, blood type and other pertinent information within the QR code. This is exceptionally reassuring for parents and is something we successfully promote to schools for trips and outings.

Other customers apply QR codes to our wristbands for advertising purposes, allowing them to direct people to any page on their website or even individual products if they have an online shop. This is a very effective way of promoting your business and increasing revenue.

Wristbands are extremely economical and very visual and when you start to think about what applying a QR code could do for you it is perhaps more difficult to find a reason why you wouldn’t than why you would!

Of course, you know your needs and/or your business far better than us so we feel sure you will find numerous ways that a QR code will work for you. In fact we find it very exciting to see the innovative ways in which they are being used!

It is strange to think how so much important information can be contained within a series of black square dots but, as is so often the case, it is the simple things that can make the most difference.

Create your customised wristband with a QR code that works for you now.