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Welcome to the World’s most powerful online Wristband Designer! Our Wristband Designer will guide you through the 3 easy steps to design your wristband with your text, your logo or image and any serial numbering, barcoding and QR codes in seconds! Start by choosing your wristband type;

Designing your very own customised wristband is as easy as 1,2, 3….

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We like to make things easy for our customers and so we have the easiest system for designing your own wristband that you will find anywhere. All it takes is 3 easy steps and you will have a wristband that meets all your expectations and fits your personal or business needs. Whether you need to add your own image, company logo, text, serial number, barcodes, QR codes or be suitable for an event over a week or more – we can help.

Tyvek or Vinyl? The choice is yours

Your main choice will be the type of material you opt for. We offer two high-quality materials that meet the needs of our customers. Tyvek is suitable for shorter wear, while vinyl will last for those longer events. Once you have this choice made, this handy table will show you what your further options will be.

Tyvek – fancy name for a simple product

As you can see, Tyvek is great for events that last just one or possibly two days. This means they will work for parties, one-day festivals or even work events. They are comfortable to wear and come in a range of 13 colours.

Tyvek gives you the option of printing in any colour that suits you and it allows you to add your own logo, serial numbers, barcodes and even a QR code! Of course, it is tamper proof and waterproof and comes in two handy width sizes. Starting at just £0.02 each – this is a great value for money option.

Vinyl – just about lasts ‘forever’

Our Vinyl wristbands start at just 0.08p per band and it is easy to see why it might be a little more expensive. This tough little band will easily last for a week or more (probably indefinitely!) without tearing or stretching and it is entirely tamper proof and waterproof.

Our vinyl bands are available in 15 colours and 2 width sizes, both with an incorporated stud button fastening. This band is comfy to wear and will never let you down.

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Now that you have chosen the type of wristband you want – the exciting bit can begin! Get inventive and start choosing your colours, widths and quantities. Then you can add your very own images/logos and messages. Who would have thought that buying wristbands for events could be so exciting?

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